Returns Policy

Can't get the SIM to work on your phone, tablet or mobile device? We love mobile technology as much as we love travel, so we fully understand that you'll want a travel SIM that works for you.

If we can't get your SIM working within 21 days. ekit will refund the full value of your purchase, including shipping and insurance costs.

Follow the below simple steps:

  1. email informing us that you cannot get the SIM to work and that you wish for a refund.
  2. Provide as much detail as you can, including where you bought the SIM, the serial number and phone number if available.
  3. Customer Service may send you a replacement, if they consider it appropriate.
  4. Customer Service may ask for a return of your purchase, if they consider it appropriate.
  5. If Customer Service agree that there are no further trouble shooting options to explore, they will refund the total value of your purchase and deactivate your SIM.

Please note that this offer is valid for 21 days from the date of purchase, so ensure that your SIM is working before then, and contact our Customer Service team as soon as possible if there any problems. Please also note that we cannot refund any credit that has been used as a result of the SIM being active.

Read our Terms of Use for further details.